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Do You Really Understand the Role of Ethernet Switches?

Ethernet switches are networking devices used for data exchange and transmission, often deployed in enterprise backbones, data centers, and server rooms to support high bandwidth requirements. But do you truly understand Ethernet switches? What are their functions? This article will provide you with detailed answers.

ethernet switches

Functions and Main Features of Ethernet Switches

As mentioned, Ethernet switches are networking devices that implement data transmission and exchange based on Ethernet. So, what are their main features?

1. Provide network interfaces for interconnection: The primary function of Ethernet switches in network systems is to provide network interfaces for the interconnection between networking devices.
2. Expand network interfaces: Generally, an Ethernet switch can have up to 48 ports, and when network demands are high, Ethernet switches can be stacked to meet the network needs.
3. Extend network range: Ethernet switches connect to networking devices using transmission media, and depending on the networking technology adopted, the transmission distance of each transmission medium is different and limited. When the network coverage area is large, Ethernet switches can perform relays to exponentially extend the transmission distance and increase the network coverage.
4. Ethernet switch learning function: Ethernet switches can learn the MAC address of the devices connected to each port and map the MAC address to the corresponding port, storing it in the switch's MAC address table cache.
5. Ethernet switch forwarding/filtering function: When the destination address of a data frame is mapped in the MAC address table, it will be forwarded to the port connected to the destination.

6. Ethernet switch loop elimination function: When an Ethernet switch includes a redundant loop, it can avoid creating loops through the Spanning Tree Protocol and allow for backup paths.

Precautions for Using Ethernet Switches

To ensure the Ethernet switch works properly and lasts a long time, please pay attention to the following:

1. Place the Ethernet switch in a ventilated, dry area with less dust and weak electromagnetic interference;
2. When placing the Ethernet switch, please ensure its stability to avoid unnecessary losses caused by a fall;
3. Leave enough space around the Ethernet switch for normal heat dissipation;
4. Do not place heavy objects on the Ethernet switch;
5. Ensure the Ethernet switch is grounded during use;
6. The power voltage of the power cord must meet the input voltage range of the switch to ensure proper power supply.


With continuous performance improvement and cost reduction, Ethernet switches are now widely used in enterprise networks and data centers.

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